Impacting Jupiter: Comet Shoemaker-Levy 9, 25 years on It's 25 years since comet Shoemaker-Levy 9 crashed into Jupiter. In the June 2019 issue of the BBC Sky at Night astronomy magazine, Jane's feature captures that momentous cosmic collision and explores how it changed our view of the gas giant planet. Click the image for a link to the full article.


The Rathfinny Wine Estate has pleasure in once again collaborating with Jane Green, for what promises to be an evening to remember. On the 16th July, the skies over Rathfinny will host a partial lunar eclipse with the Moon rising at 9.05pm. As if this wasn’t enough, the planets Jupiter and Saturn should also be visible, with Saturn at its best. We thought, why not celebrate with an evening of astronomy in the perfect setting of our Flint Barns? Please arrive at the Flint Barns at 7pm where you will be greeted with a glass of our Cradle Valley wine. Our Flint Barns team will then serve a 3-course set menu and the evening of astronomy will begin. Jane is a Fellow of the Royal Astronomical


Just recently, Jane 'Smashed The Ceiling' in a podcast showcasing the lives of women who have achieved amazing things in their careers, some who have got a really cool or unusual job, and some who have just had a very interesting life. Simply click the above image to listen in, not only to Jane's podcast but also to those of other incredibly inspiring women ... Naomi Mellor: the woman behind 'Smashing The Ceiling' and a massively inspiring woman in her own right Each week Naomi sits down with one woman to dig a little deeper into the HOW of it all - how did they get where they are, how they picked themselves up when things didn’t go right, and how their mentors, motivations and mistakes hav


Pre-presentation with Pan Panayiotou, Headteacher, (right), and James Garrard,(centre) 'Have had many come up to me since to say they found the presentation really interesting, which is great (how could they not!?)' James Garrard, Teacher of Mathematics 'I just wanted to feedback how much Niamh enjoyed this presentation on Monday night. She has talked about little else and has been showing us related videos for the past two days! Sounds like it was truly inspiring so many thanks for getting this organised.' M Owen, Parent A big thank you to James, Pan and the students of Worthing High School for making me feel so welcome and for having such enormous enthusiasm. It was a complete pleasure!