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To complete a hectic week, and direct from the Stewards Room of Fontwell Park racecourse, I headed straight up the A24 to join my two TOUR OF THE UNIVERSE 2014 friends, Neil Phillipson and Adele Horton. To make it even more special, my friend and work colleague, Will Hudson, was also able to join us.

Organised by Astronomia to raise funds for a local Charity, Sight for Surrey - a fantastic organisation that helps to restore quality of life to those suffering from blindness or partial sight - this annual event - STARS IN THE PARK - in central Dorking always attracts at least a thousand attendees.

Despite thick cloud cover, mizzly rain and a pretty darn cold wind, a large crowd did still turn out to enjoy the music, catering ... and ... an impromptu 'astronomy show' from Neil performed in his inimitable style, complete with giant screen, whizzy planetarium programme and his unique sense of humour. For a change, I was able just to stand back and watch. It was great. Well done you! The crowd loved it!

A tremendous amount of hard work always goes on behind the scenes to pull off evenings like these ... so thank you one and all.

We had great fun, despite the weather! Here's to 2016!

(from left: Will, me, Adele and Neil - still laughing despite windswept hair

and chilly weather!)

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