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“I’ve seen tens of hundreds of these kind

of presentations, both on the circuit and

on television, and none of the presenters

deliver it in the way you do.  You are awesome.”

[Neil Buchanan - double BAFTA Award winning television presenter]

“The Universe is a difficult subject, but you

have a beautiful way of getting it across. 


You should be in broadcasting.”  

[Gerry Anderson – Creator of Thunderbirds, Captain Scarlet, Stingray]

"The feedback was indeed extremely positive

and the event was a super highlight  in our programme

of events this year."

[Pippa Cleary – General Manager, Portsmouth Festivities: Space City Event 2011 – after co-presenting

with Sir Patrick Moore CBE FRS]

“I have seen lectures all over the world

by leading astronomers and lecturers, using

all the latest wizardry, but none of them convey

it as brilliantly as you. I am inspired. 

You have such a different approach,

it’s amazing.”

[Mark Matthews – Consultant, Visual Acuity Limited: key player in the global installation

of planetariums, including New York’s Hayden, the Noble Planetarium in Fort Worth,

Texas and Miami’s Museum of Natural Sciences]

“Absolutely brilliant!”  

[Sir Robin Knox-Johnston – first to sail non-stop solo around the world]

"A phenomenal achievement."

[Dr David H Levy – co-discoverer of Comet Shoemaker-Levy 9]

"Fabulous stuff!" 

[Leif J Robinson – Editor Emeritus – Sky & Telescope magazine]

“Brilliant, Jane.  Thank you so much.”

[Eleanor Gloster, Producer, BBC Stargazing Live 2013] 

"A huge thank you for the most fantastic presentation. You have a real skill in explaining things simply without being patronising, comparing complex things with relative example and still keeping the wonder and excitement throughout. That is a very rare mix, and the rapt faces in the audience were testament to that. As was the feedback afterwards - everyone felt similarly educated and inspired and commented on your fantastic presentation.We couldn't ask for anything more than that."

[Claire Pelly – Head of Astronaut Office for Virgin Galactic - Peter Harrison Planetarium, Royal Observatory, Greenwich]

"Just a quick note to say how much I enjoyed

your presentation last night at the Worthing

Astronomical Society July meeting. It was

fascinating and enthralling, albeit mind blowing, 

and easy for a relative novice like myself to

understand.  I do hope you will return at

some point in the future for another presentation."  

[John Burrows – Worthing Astronomical Society]

“I could listen to you for hours.”

[Joss Williams – Hollywood Special Effects Maestro for Darkside FX on such films

as Alien, Raiders of the Lost Ark, Sleepy Hollow, Troy, Munich, United 93,

The Bourne Ultimatum, Elizabeth: The Golden Age, Band of Brothers, among others]

“Marvellous.  Have you ever considered

lecturing at universities?  You should.  You have

a unique way of presenting the subject.” 

[Retired Fellow of the British Astronomical Association]

“You should be talking in schools and colleges. 

You have a way with the subject.”

[Michael C Morris OBE FREng FIMechE – instrumental in designing/engineering major

telescopes worldwide, including Herstmonceux and La Palma]

“I know you’re excellent;

the passengers won’t leave me alone!”

[Captain Rory Smith – Master on mv Adonia]

“Thank you for such a memorable lecture. 

Astronomy is such a fascinating subject,

everyone would have loved it to continue.” 

[Sarah Carr – Chairman of English Speaking Union, Eastbourne]

"You deliver one mean

astronomy presentation – fabulous.” 

[Nash Robbins – Owner, Much Ado Books: British Book Industry’s

Best Independent Bookshop of the Year 2007 – after sell-out series of four lectures]

“You really know your stuff.  Fascinating.”  

[Professor Peter Clarricoats CBE FRS Feng Hon FIEE – University of London]

“Fantastic!  You pack the audiences in every time.” 

“What a natural.  Such a lovely manner.”  

[Ian Fraser – Cruise Director, Adonia / Neil Oliver - Cruise Director, Oceana]

“Thoroughly enjoyable. 

You are engaging and captivating.”  

[Ross Howard – Cruise Director, Arcadia]

“Thank you so much for your fascinating,

nay mind boggling, talk … I have heard

nothing but praise for both your lecture

and the wonderful pictures.”  

[Dr Michael Walter – Chairman, Eastbourne Ashridge Circle]

“We’ve received some amazing feedback,

thank you, Jane.”

[Dr Sandra Voss, BBC-led National Astronomy Festival 2013

at Herstmonceux Observatory]

“Just be you.  You’re brilliant. 

The passengers will love it.”  

[Captain Chris Sample – Master on mv Victoria]

Jane had a wonderful personality and put

over the case – so complicated and so

difficult for me to get my head round

such numbers – so very clearly.”  

[Diane Stuart – Secretary, English Speaking Union]

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