Jane is super excited to confirm that although the two New Scientist Discovery Tours to Prague were 'Covid-19 victims' this year, they are scheduled to go ahead in 2021 and she is delighted to escort both tours. The theme: Kepler: Music of the Spheres. Guests will walk in the hallowed footsteps of the great mathematician and astronomer, Johannes Kepler, and 'Prince of Astronomy' Tycho Brahe, in the city of a hundred spires. We shall discover what remains of the legacy of Kepler and Brahe, and will explore the medieval centre of Prague and its surrounding regions. Home to the world’s oldest astronomical clock, Prague Castle and the Lobkowicz Palace, it will be a journey to the very heart of e


Well, Covid-19 couldn't keep Jane and radio presenter, Tony Williams, down! Their monthly round-up of things astronomical took the form of a phone-in. Subjects discussed were the wonderful transit of the planet Venus through the Hyades open cluster in the constellation of Taurus the Bull, the fabulous July oppositions of Saturn and Jupiter and some tips on which telescopes to purchase in order to make the most of what's visible - including Comet NeoWise - in the night sky. As always, Jane and Tony had fun and it was pretty informative too! To listen in to a recording of the interview, just click the above image.