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NATIONAL TRUST - Richmond - Saturday 18th Feb After an enormous lunch in a somewhat 'warm' environment, I had expected some of my packed, shall we say, a little more mature, audience to fall asleep during the afternoon presentation. I could not have blamed them! But not a bit of it. Bless them all. My astro audience were as bright as a button throughout the entire one-hour astronomical journey ... and what a terrific gathering they were! Such warmth and enthusiasm bounded back. Laughter resounded, along with all the gasps as concepts were conveyed. Honest to goodness, I hope that if I reach octogenarian years I'm half as sprightly as my terrific audience, that my faculties are still working as theirs most certainly were and that I'm still able to reach out and grasp life and astronomy in the way that they did! Thank you one and all for being such a terrific audience, and thank you Pat and Bill for all your help that made the event just so enjoyable!

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