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BBC Stargazing Live 2013

American Express Community Stadium

Thursday 10th January

4.30pm to 8.00pm

amex-stadium - 1.jpg

Well over 500 guests joined us for this BBC-led stargazing event where not even cloudy skies could detract from a truly stunning venue that in itself resembled a space ship nestled in the South Downs!

Amex Stadium 2.jpg

The BBC and Stadium Crew worked hard to set up for the 4.30pm deadline and telescopes, like sentinels, stood poised for action alongside the pitch (below).


Image credit: Andy Lee:

For Richie Jarvis, Charlotte Clarke and myself, as guest speakers for the Event, we had a relatively easy task to set up in one of the lecture rooms. Less easy, however, was the issue of lighting whereby when we switched our lights off, so the entire east wing of the stadium was plunged into darkness!

Great fun was had by all!

AMEX Jane A Green.jpg

Richie Jarvis (left), astro-imager, Jane A Green (centre), author and speaker,

Charlotte Clarke, PhD student, University of Sussex

But on a more serious note, it was a terrific evening. It was so wonderful to witness such enthusiasm and interest in astronomy. Throughout our talks we were joined by people of all ages. What made it for me was the blind ex-astronomer who attended our presentations and never stopped smiling.

He confessed his joy at being involved in astronomy again. But every gasp of wonder, every laugh of disbelief and every smile of incredulity made it worthwhile for me!

BBC Stargazing Live BBC Banner 2 cropped.png

A fabulous night and so great to have played a small part.

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