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INTECH Science Centre and Planetarium


Thursday 17th October 2013

Winchester Intech Planetarium 2.jpg

INTECH Science Centre and Planetarium at Winchester

Though known as an author, speaker and broadcaster on astronomy, I have another life working for the British Horseracing Authority, and this astronomy presentation was instigated by a BHA Disciplinary Panel Steward. Ordinarily our paths would cross at Ascot or Epsom Racecourse where discussions about astronomy were considered somewhat off the rails.


In my 'other life' at Ascot Racecourse.

Photo credit: Matthew Webb

Not so this night, for the great and good of British horseracing diverted from the running rails and took a journey onto the cosmic racecourse, from the realms of the very small to the truly astronomically immense. Following a champagne reception, the packed auditorium darkened and for an hour all was eerily quiet as we took our voyage. I think it was shock! But the feedback was amazing and the questions keep on coming ... but not in a planetarium environment ... on racecourses throughout the south of England! How's that for getting off the rails?

The purpose of the evening was to raise funds for Cancer Research UK and in this we exceeded the target. Can't help but smile!

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