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Thursday 14 November 2013

This was such a fun evening!

After my presentation at the BBC's Sky at Night National Astronomy Festival 2013 at the Herstmonceux Science Centre and Observatory, I was approached by double BAFTA Award winning television presenter, Neil Buchanan, to give a private presentation to a small group of astronomy enthusiasts.

EB SpaceCadets Nov 2013 003.jpg

What a terrific night!

The Herstmonceux 'Space Cadets', as they are known, are a fabulous bunch of people who genuinely love astronomy and meet regularly to study, share their passion and enjoy the night sky. I knew from Neil's intro that the evening would be informal which enabled me to share my earlier Winchester Planetarium lecture, 'The Wonder of the Universe' in a more relaxed, leisurely manner ... which seemed to hit all the right notes. After a short break, we then naturally slipped into the second half which took the format of a question and answer session, followed by lively open discussion and debate which proved very diverse, interesting and always laced with copious laughter.

It was just so lovely to be with fellow astronomy enthusiasts, who know and love their subject, in a venue that was equally warm and welcoming. A really great night. Thank you Neil. Thank you Sarah Morgan for getting it organised and making me feel so welcome. And thank you to everyone who turned up to help make this a genuinely unforgettable event.

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