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Imagine this setting at night, with 360-degree stunning views of the South Downs and Cuckmere Haven. Just beautiful!

So it was, on Monday 14 and Monday 28 September, that I joined two very select corporate clients to share a journey through the Universe. At the first event, due to the inclement weather, I delivered my indoor presentation, 'Basketballs and Beyond:Wonders of the Cosmos' in the gorgeously renovated Flint Barn at the far western end of the Estate. What a perfect backdrop with its old flint walls, sumptuously deep sofas and exposed ceilings. In the second, with relatively clear night skies, I again delivered my inside presentation but was able to follow-up outside with colleague, Paul Foster of the East Sussex Astronomical Society, by his aiming his Meade scope at the just past Full Moon. This still had the 'wow factor' and with the added bonus of each client seeing the Moon 'up close' as well as capturing a shot of Earth's natural satellite on their iPhones, and having the constellations pointed out by laser, they were thrilled. It was a really great night, on both occasions, with heaps of fun and so much laughter ... as well as, of course, the joy of seeing complete 'newbies' being exposed to the grandest and, therefore, greatest perspective of all. Wonderful! Thank you all for making it just SO enjoyable! Here's to many more!

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