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Well, I think I can say that for these particular ladies, the heavens were well and truly revealed. Before starting my presentation, I was politely asked, three times, if I would be "telling fortunes". I overheard, on at least four occasions, a discussion as to whether my talk was about astrology or astronomy - most presumed it was astrology!

So, this particular presentation was truly a voyage into the unknown ... since so many had no idea about the Sun and its entourage of planets, the location of our Star in the Milky Way Galaxy - what in the heck was that?! And as for journeying out into the Universe ... well, complete with stunning visuals, movie footage and beautiful soundtracks, it completely blew these ladies' proverbial socks off! Wonderful stuff! Just as it should be ... and it's never too late!

My mission is to ensure that every human being on this planet has just some appreciation of the wonders of 'out there' ... and on the evening of Friday 22 January 2016, for these ladies, I most definitely succeeded! Bring it on!


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