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This was a follow-up to last year's extremely successful presentations at Alfriston Village School as part of National Science Week. After my 30-minute 'Brief Guide to the Cosmos' presentation in the packed school hall ...

... we headed outside to the village recreation ground. Here, beneath clear skies, with a first-quarter Moon and the giant planet, Jupiter, overhead, Geoff Shaw, Paul Foster, Ashley Higgs and me, along with three large telesopes, were able to share the wonders of the night sky.

Complete with telescopes, binoculars, laser guiders, star charts and iPhones, we viewed and imaged the heavens. Children were thrilled as photos of the Moon (see below), and Jupiter, appeared on their iPhones - a perfect souvenir of a perfect evening!

Feedback from parents and pupils has been amazing, Thank you one and all! A brilliant night for astronomy outreach and, for me, yet another event to endorse why I love astronomy and why I love sharing it. It is my belief that ALL human beings should experience the joy of this subject and should, as is my motto, 'look up, live it and love it'.

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