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Incredibly, having loved sharing the subject of astronomy in schools and colleges for many years, I have recently been invited by the UK's No1 Speaking Agency, to make it 'official'.

Therefore, having 'passed' the lengthy vetting process, and having submitted the necessary testimonials, I have now been officially approved and registered as a School Speaker.

What can I say? I am the proverbial 'round peg in a round hole' when sharing astronomy with anyone, but it is especially rewarding to reveal the great 'out there' to young, sometimes totally unsuspecting, minds. The expressions and noises exclaimed by my listeners says it all, and it is a wonderful feeling to know that I am firing their imaginations and possibly changing their lives.

Here's hoping that, having now officially registered, I shall be able to do more of the same.

Kindly see the link below for full details:

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