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'We were told we had to attend this talk and thought it would be boring, but it was fantastic. We wouldn't have missed it for anything. Thank you!'

'I hope to study astrophysics at Oxford and this was amazing. Thank you!'

'I teach Geography, but I had no idea about the true size of our planet compared to the Sun, or the lack of plate tectonics on Mars. Wow!'

'Thank you so much for opening our eyes.'

I was delighted to join the students of this independent school for girls and boys, founded in 1930, to share my particular journey into the Universe in the form of a one-hour audio/visual and interactive presentation entitled 'NEVER IN A MILLION YEARS'.

The ethos for these Buckswood students, aged 16 to 18 years, is 'Knowledge is Power' and, of course, there is, arguably, no better subject than astronomy and cosmology for widening mental horizons and empowering thought.

Having been warmly welcomed by Mrs Clare Akrasi, BA (Hons), Head of Geography, I delivered my talk in the historic and stunning Great Hall, aided by a super widescreen set up and surround-sound system.

In action ...

The student and teacher feedback speaks for itself.

It was wonderful to be able to inspire and empower eager young minds.

Thank you one and all.

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