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'Brilliant feedback!'

(Kay Hunting - Event Organiser (Alan Hunting Associates)


'I had no idea!'

'That was fantastic!'

'Thanks so much for opening my eyes!'

(Audience Feedback)

Yours truly, post presentation!

The 2017 renewal of this year's Astronomy & Space Exhibition was even more exciting and well-attended than 2016. The above feedback, received for my packed presentation, was merely representative of attendees' responses throughout the day. People galore! Stunning stalls aplenty! Terrific speakers on insightful subjects!

Enormous thanks extend to event organiser, Kay Hunting, for inviting me, and to everyone who worked so hard to help organise, support and put in the amazing groundwork on the day to make this a truly successful, feel-good event! I was privileged to participate.

What can I say? Roll on 2018!

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