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Hello there!

Yes, I'm still here and still busy with astronomy! I've been hard at work in my role as a Racing Judge, but here's a taste of what I've been up to in astronomy over the past many months. And there's plenty more to come:

Firstly, check out my most recent radio appearance on Uckfield 105FM Jupiter and Saturn are stunning right now so why not share in my excitement by listening in to Tony Williams' fabulous show. Although still unable to join Tony in his studio, we've connected via the internet and it's been just as much fun as ever, if a little hairy on the technical side!

I've also been busy with national TalkRadio - discussing, among other subjects, NASA's Mars' Perseverance Rover - and BBC regional radio.

At the start of lockdown I created a 'social hub' for my company, the British Horseracing Authority, focusing on astronomy. It was a huge hit. What a thrill to introduce this wonderful subject to my unsuspecting colleagues. It provoked numerous converts and followers, many of whom studied the night sky every evening and used my daily blogs to help with home schooling. Result!

Although unable to visit astronomy societies, I've been delighted to still share talks with many, including Maidenhead Astronomical Society, the Mid Kent Astronomical Society and the South East Kent Astronomical Society. Denied hosting tours to Prague for New Scientist, due to Covid, I still shared the history of Johannes Kepler in two talks for the latter, both of which were enormously successful. It's been terrific linking up with so many listeners and receiving such tremendous feedback. I'm now booked for visits 'in person' next year. Won't that be great after all this time? One enthralled listener described one of my talks as 'the best astronomy talk he had ever heard'. Why not make a booking and find out for yourself?

I also have a feature due to appear in the US Sky & Telescope magazine - I'll give the heads up when the publication date is confirmed - and there are two further features for the BBC Sky at Night and Astronomy Now in the pipeline.

So, it's all systems go! And talking of all systems go, how amazing to watch Sir Richard Branson realise his dream and experience Zero G at last? I recall my presentation for Virgin Galactic at the Royal Observatory Greenwich the day after their first successful flight. The VG team were so excited and hopeful back then. Now look! Incredible!

There are many more exciting projects waiting in the wings so I'll update this website as they evolve!

In the meantime, best wishes to you all. Keep safe, keep looking up into the night sky, keep living it and loving it.


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